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Welcome to Looking Glass Optometry
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Welcome to Looking Glass Optometry, your home for primary eye care and vision services. Our Pleasant Hill CA optometrists Dr. Eileen Cheng and Dr. Kevin Dong provide comprehensive eye exams, prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses, hard-to-fit multifocal lenses, treatment for eye conditions such as red eye and dry eye. Our clinic’s exclusive Pleasant Hill optical boutique features many of the world’s most fashionable designer frames and sunglasses. Whether you need comprehensive vision check or LASIK surgery co-management, our optometrists are honored to welcome you to our eye care family.

Comprehensive Eye Exams, Designer Frames, Hard-to-Fit Contacts, LASIK & More!

If you currently wear glasses or prescription contact lenses, our optometrists recommends annual vision and eye exams, in alignment with recommendations set forward by the American Optometric Association. Our comprehensive eye exams are more than just a simple vision test. We check for routine vision problems, including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. In addition to testing for these refractive errors, our optometrists also test for eye teaming problems, focusing problems (such as presbyopia, a common aging-related vision condition), strabismus (crossed or turned eyes), and amblyopia.

During a comprehensive eye exam, we also check the eyes for other eye diseases and problems that could lead to vision loss. Many eye diseases like glaucoma show no obvious symptoms during the earliest stages of this disease. Without early detection, these diseases can lead to permanent vision loss that can significantly affect your ability to read, drive a car or eventually see. The earlier our optometrists serving residents in Pleasant Hill, Lafayette and Walnut Creek can detect early warning signs, then the more we can do to help preserve your existing vision before additional damage occurs.

Following your eye exam, our Pleasant Hill optometrists will discuss the findings of this exam and the next steps we can take to enhance and protect your vision. If you currently wear glasses but are interested in switching to prescription contacts, our optometrist will discuss your contact options and help determine which is most appropriate for your vision needs. If you have been told you are ‘hard-to-fit’ for contacts, we can help. Our extensive contact lens fitting experience includes hard-to-fit multifocal contact lenses, modern astigmatism lenses, as well as cutting edge materials for those with sensitive eyes. With our wide selection of world glass designer frames, our eye care team can also help you select the perfect pair of frames for your face.

Looking Glass Optometry is truly a family-friendly practice. Our optometrists Dr. Eileen Cheng and Dr. Kevin Dong have been treating many of the same patients for more than 10 years. We’re proud to foster deep, meaningful relationships with our clients – and honored they continue to place their trust in our experienced vision care team year after year. We strive to ensure all patients leave our practice feeling comfortable and confident while enjoying valuable peace of mind that their vision is protected for years to come.

Looking Glass Optometry is conveniently located to serve vision patients in Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek and Lafayette, California. Don’t neglect your vision: schedule your eye exam today! Call (925) 687-7638.

Dr. Eileen Cheng and Dr. Kevin Dong
Pleasant Hill Optometrists | Looking Glass Optometry | (925) 687-7638

401 Gregory Ln #110
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